Adherence Matters

Maximize patient engagement and retention. Reach last dose, last patient sooner.

CertiScan Identifies and Assists Non-Adherent Participants

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

Automatically track medications in real-time. Available packaging formats include blister, bottle, ampoule, injectable and more.

Mobile Apps and Web Portal

Mobile Apps and Web Portal

Patients can see their medication dosing and adherence progress. Site staff can remotely monitor patients with dashboards and alerts.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Data is analyzed in real-time to deliver targeted reminders and improvement strategies for patients and trial staff.

CertiScan is the world's first and only vertically integrated adherence platform. By combining smart packaging hardware with robust analytical software, CertiScan yields higher-quality data, and delivers trials faster to their endpoints.




Safeguard trial endpoints with smart dosing data. Facilitate complex, adaptive, decentralized, and direct-to-patient trial designs.



Provide additional value and capability with smart packaging. Integrates into existing processes without impacting timelines. 



Optimize patient interactions by helping those that need it the most. Automate reconciliation and accountability activities, minimizing risk and site burden.

Medical Search

Medical Research

Replace subjective adherence tracking methods with objective dosing data. Your research, your data.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

Strengthen the caregiver-patient relationship. Promote better medication adherence and persistence.

Why CertiScan?

Adherence Matters Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement & Retention

Checklists, reminders, and coaching help maximize patient adherence and successful protocol completion, enhancing retention.

adherence matters decentralized

Decentralized, Secure Trials

CertiScan allows stakeholders to connect with and help the patient wherever the patient is. 

adherence matters automatic-dosing

Automatic Dose Tracking

Patients with concerning data patterns are identified, and receive uniform scripted coaching strategies. 

adherence matters Stats advantage


Targeted interventions increase trial power, enabling smaller clinical sample sizes and higher significance levels.

adherence matters Automated Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation

Automatically tracks each dose, eliminating the use of medication diaries and manual pill counts.

Adherence matters Patient Experience


Completely intuitive with no need for configuration or battery-charging. Patients simply take medicine as they normally would.

Adherence matters Optional Integrations


Adherence data can be viewed in the IRT, EDC, and RTSM tools you are already using and familiar with.

adherence matters Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Drug integrity is protected with onboard temperature sensing and alerts.

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Every sponsor and clinical trial are unique. Our team of CertiScan specialists will work with all stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome. CertiScan has been used successfully around the world for over 15 years.