Are Patient Reports Accurate?

The problem of having patients determine their own dosing during clinical trials is widely recognized. If data obtained in clinical trials where patients take medication once or twice a day are know to be inaccurate, it follows that data from patients taking medication intermittently over longer intervals will be even less accurate. Such studies generally […]

How Valid Are Your Clinical Trials Data?

It is widely accepted that patients participating in clinical trials are less than perfectly adherent with their medication regimens. The extent to which non-adherence affects the results of clinical trials is unknown. Several factors interfere with the assessment of this phenomenon, principal of which is the lack of a methodology to monitor patient adherence in […]

Driving Adherence With Smart Medication Packaging Solutions​

Imagine if a package could know the time each dose was taken and use this information to drive customized reminders, in-app coaching and data analytics! That’s the power of Med-ic®, the only smart blister package in the world deployed in a successful FDA submission. A drug’s efficacy is correlated with the level of adherence in […]

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