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We design end-to-end solutions and conduct research and development primarily in the areas of pharmaceutical, logistics and supply chain compliance technologies. Our teams of talented and creative people integrate existing skills, forward-thinking, subject matter expertise and novel technologies into new inventions to realize our Vision. We are a global player in our fields of excellence and provide a stimulating, supportive, and rewarding environment for our employees and partners.

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Vision Statement

We envision a Digital Healthcare world where adherence is no longer guesswork and patients are empowered to maximize the effectiveness of their medications.

IMC is the global leader in smart medication adherence solutions, having supplied over a million units to the clinical trials and research markets. IMC manufactures iOS and Android NFC-certified Med-ic Smart Blister Packages, eCAP Smart Medication Bottles and the temperature-aware Med-ic Smart Syringe Pack.
IMC is active in the AI-enabled digital health field, offering its HIPAA compliant, secure CertiScan clinical research adherence cloud.​
about us

Leadership Team

Allan Wilson

Allan Wilson MD PhD was Full Professor and Head, Section of Addiction Psychiatry, at the University of Ottawa for over 25 years. He co-founded IMC in 2001 with Michael Petersen, and now devotes full time to the study of medication adherence. Allan has worked as a consultant in the health-care field for both public and private sectors, and his research interests lie in clinical pharmacology, biotechnology and large data systems. He is an internationally known researcher in the field of addiction medicine, and has published over 100 academic papers in the areas of pharmacology and clinical outcome research.

Michael Petersen

Michael’s high-tech entrepreneurial career spans over 30 years. Michael co-founded IMC in 2001 with Dr. Allan Wilson. Since then IMC has become the world’s leading provider of innovative medication adherence solutions. Michael operates on a philosophy of partnership and cooperation, and makes IMC’s solutions available through a variety of fulfillment channels worldwide. Michael is widely recognized as a leading authority on intelligent packaging technologies and smart packaging sensors, having been invited to many international conferences as a guest speaker.

Our Commitment and Our Track Record

With CertiScan, the same (or greater) significance can be reached using smaller patient populations. In short, reach last dose, last patient sooner.

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